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Welcome to the Marshall Center Archives
Access our collection of USARI student papers,
Soviet posters and the history of the Marshall Center
We have 60+ Soviet-era propaganda posters, scanned and translated. See them here

USARI Student Papers

Over 100 Student Reports from USARI ( U.S. Army Institute for Advanced Russian & East European Studies) have been scanned and are available to the public. USARI was established in 1947 to create a group of US Army and Air Force officers knowledgeable about the USSR, along with the Russian language expertise suitable for such experts.

From the MCRL Archives

Labor like Stakhanovites, labor like Communists!

Bread is our wealth.  Don't waste bread!

Bread is our wealth. Don't waste bread!

USARI Student Papers Index

Welcome to Soviet Kirgizia!

Welcome to Soviet Kirgizia!

Soviet Policy in the Satellites, 1949

Roots of the Marshall Center collection, 1968

Don't worry about the fate of the Fatherland!

The Happy Kolkhoz Life, 1950

Quality is the main task of the Five Year Plan

Lenin is always with us!

Glory! Glory! GLORY!

Roots of the Marshall Center

Marshall Center Roots

Find out more about the history of the Marshall Center and the "school for spies" here!

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