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Copyright: Copyright @ Marshall Center Research Library

Defines US Copyright, Fair Use, Re-Use guidelines. Includes information on avoiding plagiarism.

Getting started with Copyright & Fair Use

Dr. Tobin's Copyright Flow Chart

Use the Copyright Flow Chart (at left) to ensure you're using a copyrighted work appropriately.

Use the sample request letter (at right) to request permission to use someone's work in your course. 

For either, click on the picture to see the full-sized document. 

Sample letter to request permission to use a copyrighted work

Copyright Basics

The bottom line? Scanning a document to a PDF file & pasting the PDF URL to SharePoint, the M: drive, or other location, is making a copy and is a violation of copyright law!

See the questions below to learn more about Copyright and Fair Use.

What is copyrighted?

Any work in a fixed format. A movie, YouTube (or other) video, report, article, etc.

When do I need to worry about copyright?

When you make a copy. So, don't make a copy!  Instead link, embed or provide a URL to the work you want to include.  Your Research Library is glad to help with this. 

What if I MUST make a copy?

Check to see if there is a Creative Commons license applied to the work.  (Again, contact us if you'd like assistance.)

What if there is no Creative Commons license?

Begin by contacting Academic Support for assistance. If you decide to make a copy anyway, you are in the realm of "Fair Use."  Read on for Fair Use guidelines.

Take this short (4 question) quiz to determine if your use of an item (book, article, video, etc) is appropriate under Fair Use guidelines.


Authoritative Resources and Fake News

We've also created a page on spotting fake news & finding authoritative resourcesFind out more here.

US Gov't & Copyright

Citing Government Publications

If you are wondering how to cite a government document or report, check out this website, from Radford University.

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