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Middle East & Islamic Studies Journals: Middle East & Islamic Studies - Brill Journal Collection

MEIS Journal Collection from Brill for calendar year 2019.

Brill Journal Collection on Middle East & Islamic Studies

  • Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur’an and Hadith Studies
    Al-Bayan is a peer reviewed academic journal of Qurʾān and Ḥadīth studies. It provides articles written by qualified specialists in the area of the Qur’anic and Hadith studies in English, Arabic and Malay. In the Malay section, Al-Bayan publishes works of scholars in Malay Archipelago and Southeast Asia. The Arabic section of this journal is a helpful resource for students and researchers of Islamic studies and those who are familiar with the Arabic language.

  • Abgadiyat 
    Journal of Arabic Calligraphy. Abgadiyat is co-published by Brill and the Calligraphy Center affiliated to Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Abgadiyat publishes articles dedicated to the research, study, documentation, conservation and interpretation of the writings, calligraphies, and inscriptions in Arabic throughout the world. The journal carries an Arabic name which means ‘alphabets’.

  • Annali Sezione Orientale
    The scope includes the languages, literatures, arts, history and material culture of Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean.

  • Al Abhath
    Arab and Islamic studies, sociology, numismatics, history, economic, language, psychology and astrology, concentrating on the Arab world. It appears in both Arabic and English.

  • Arab Law Quarterly
    Arab Law Quarterly is the leading English language scholarly publication on matters relating to the law of Arab states. It is indispensable not only for Arab law scholars, but also for those working in the fields of Middle Eastern law, Islamic law, and comparative law.

  • Arabica
    Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies / Revue d'études arabes et islamiques. Arabica is dedicated to the study of the Arab world's classical and contemporary literatures, languages, history, thought and civilization. From a wider perspective, Arabica is open to the general fields of Islamicate studies and intercultural relations between Arab societies and the other cultural areas throughout history.

  • Bandung: Journal of the Global South
    A cross-disciplinary journal in the humanities and social sciences, and grounded on the complex postcolonial landscapes of African, Asian, and Latin American peoples, for identifying their own ways and strategies of development and decolonization.

  • Die Welt des Islams
    International Journal for the Study of Modern Islam. Die Welt des Islams focuses on the history and culture of the Islamic world from the eighteenth century to the present. The journal gives special emphasis to literature and provides its large international readership with articles in English, French and German.

  • Eurasian Studies
    The aim of Eurasian Studies is to encourage international academic co-operation and, by covering a wide geographical area stretching from the Balkans to Central Asia and Iran, to break down traditional compartimentalisation of history and foster a more interdisciplinary and interregional approach to historical studies of the area as a whole.

  • Hawwa
    Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World. Hawwa publishes articles from all disciplinary and comparative perspectives that concern women and gender issues in the Middle East and the Islamic world. These include Muslim and non-Muslim communities within the greater Middle East, and Muslim and Middle-Eastern communities elsewhere in the world.

  • Islamic Africa
    Incorporating the journal Sudanic Africa, Islamic Africa publishes original research concerning Islam in Africa from the social sciences and the humanities, as well as primary source material and commentary essays related to Islamic Studies in Africa.

  • Iran and the Caucasus
    Iran and the Caucasus promotes original, innovative, and meticulous research on the history (ancient, mediaeval and modern), culture, linguistics, literature (textology), folklore, social and cultural anthropology, and the political issues of the Irano-Caucasian world.

  • Indo-Iranian Journal
    The Indo-Iranian Journal (IIJ) focuses on the ancient and medieval languages and cultures of South Asia and of pre-Islamic Iran. IIJ publishes articles on Indo-Iranian languages (linguistics and literatures), such as Sanskrit, Avestan, Middle Iranian and Middle & New Indo-Aryan. It also publishes specialized research on ancient Iranian religion and the Indian religions, such as the Veda, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism (including Tibetan).

  • Islamic Law and Society
    Islamic Law and Society provides a forum for research in the field of classical and modern Islamic law, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

  • Inner Asia
    Published bi-annually for the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit (MIASU) at the University of Cambridge, Inner Asia is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal with emphasis on the social sciences, humanities and cultural studies.

  • Journal of Arabic Literature
    The Journal of Arabic Literature (JAL) is the leading journal specializing in the study of Arabic literature, ranging from the pre-Islamic period to the present.

  • Journal of Abbasid Studies
    The Journal of Abbasid Studies (JAS) is a platform to discuss the political, cultural, social, economic, religious and intellectual life of the Abbasid Caliphate. The journal’s time span, from c. 700 – c. 1250 A.D., is demarcated by the formative period of early Islam on the one end and the invasion of the Mongols on the other.

  • Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
    The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JESHO) publishes original research articles in Asian, Near, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies across history. The journal promotes world history from Asian and Middle Eastern perspectives and it challenges scholars to integrate cultural and intellectual history with economic, social and political analysis.

  • Journal of Islamic Manuscripts
    The Journal of Islamic Manuscripts explores the crucial importance of the handwritten book in the Muslim world. It is concerned with the written transmission of knowledge, the numerous varieties of Islamic book culture and the materials and techniques of bookmaking, namely codicology.

  • Journal of Persianate Studies
    The Journal of Persianate Studies publishes articles on the culture and civilization of the geographical area where Persian has historically been the dominant language or a major cultural force, encompassing Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, as well as the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and parts of the former Ottoman Empire.

  • Journal of Sufi Studies
    The Journal of Sufi Studies furnishes an international scholarly forum for research on Sufism. Taking an expansive view of the subject, the journal brings together all disciplinary perspectives.

  • Middle East Law and Governance
    Middle East Law and Governance (MELG) is a interdisciplinary journal for scholarly analysis on issues of governance and social change in the Middle East and North Africa region.

  • Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
    The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication (MJCC) provides a transcultural academic sphere that engages Middle Eastern and Western scholars in a critical dialog about culture, communication and politics in the Middle East.
            *Click here for editor selected Top 10 articles published over 10 years of MJCC - access thru 30 June 2019!

  • Muqarnas Online
    Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World is sponsored by the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Oriens
    Oriens is dedicated to extending our knowledge of intellectual history and developments in the rationalist disciplines in Islamic civilization, with a special emphasis on philosophy, theology, and science. The journal's range extends from the early and classical to the early modern periods (ca. 700-1900 CE) and it engages all regions and languages of Islamic civilization.

  • Studia Islamica
    Studia Islamica offers papers written by qualified specialists on subjects from all sections of the vast field of Islamic studies.

  • Sociology of Islam
    Sociology of Islam (SOI) provides an international scholarly forum for research related to the religion and culture of Islam, Muslim societies, and social issues related to Muslims in socio-political context.

  • Shii Studies Review
    Shii Studies Review provides a scholarly forum for researchers specializing in all fields of Shii studies. Taking an expansive view of the richly variegated Shii traditions in both thought and practice and their cultural and social contexts, the Shii Studies Review makes a distinctive contribution to current scholarship on Shiism and its integration into the broader field of Islamic studies.

  • Turkish Historical Review
    The Turkish Historical Review is devoted to Turkish history in the widest sense, covering the period from the 6th century, with the rise of the Turks in Central Asia, to the 20th century.

Open Access Journals from Brill

  • Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde / Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia
    Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia is an interdisciplinary journal with a strong focus on Indonesia.

  • Brill Open Law
    Brill Open Law (BOL) is a principal outlet for scholarly articles in international law studies. The journal offers a meeting space for scholars across international law, including human rights and humanitarian law, private international law and public international law.

  • Chinese Journal of Global Governance, The
    The Chinese Journal of Global Governance (CJGG) is dedicated to the studies of the legal development in the globalization era, and particularly to the global governance and its interaction with the international rule of law.

  • Fascism
    Fascism publishes articles in English, mainly but not exclusively by both seasoned researchers and postgraduates exploring the phenomenon of fascism in a comparative context and focusing on such topics as the uniqueness and generic aspects of fascism, patterns in the causal aspects/genesis of various fascisms in political, economic, social, historical, and psychological factors, their expression in art, culture, ritual and propaganda, elements of continuity between inter-war and post-war fascism, relationship to national and cultural crisis, revolution, modernity/ modernism, political religion, totalitarianism, capitalism, communism, extremism, charismatic dictatorship, patriarchy, terrorism, fundamentalism, and other phenomena related to the rise of political and social extremism.

  • Journal of Interrupted Studies, The
    The Journal of Interrupted Studies publishes complete and incomplete articles by scholars whose work has been jeopardized by forced migration. Founded in response to the European migrant crisis, the journal accepts submissions from authors fleeing a range of political, humanitarian and environmental situations. The journal is united by a concern for the humanity and expertise that is often left unrecognized in mainstream refugee discussions.

  • Journal of Islamic Ethics
    The focus of Journal of Islamic Ethics is on the ethical approaches embedded in Islamic philosophy, theology, mysticism and jurisprudence as well as Islamic civilization in general. Fields include: Arts, Environment, Economics, Education, Gender, Media, Medicine, Migration & Human Rights, Politics and Psychology.


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